All types and classes of our lightning and surge arresters 20KA~200KA(8/20μS) and 15KA~50KA(10/350μS) are tested and pass all the requirements based on their class.

Other Functional Signals SPD

  • TRSS-DB9 Serial Port Signal Surge Arrester Protector

    TRSS-DB9 serial data signal lightning protection device (SPD, surge protector) DB series surge protector is designed according to IEC and GB standards. It is mainly used in wired remote sensing, telemetry, remote control, etc. to provide line-to-line equipment with D-type serial port , Surge protection between line and ground, applied to lightning protection zone 1-2 and 2-3 zone, easy to install, no maintenance.
  • TRSC Lightning Counter

    The lightning counter is suitable for counting the number of lightning discharge currents of various lightning protection devices. The counting times are two digits, which expands the function that only counted in units in the past, up to 99 times. The lightning counter is installed on the lightning protection module that needs to discharge lightning current, such as the ground wire of the lightning protection device. The initial counting current is 1 Ka, and the maximum counting current is 1...