They say lightning rods, lightning rods, do you know how lightning rods prevent lightning?

In fact, lightning rods cannot avoid lightning at all. During thunderstorms, when electrified clouds occur on top of high-rise residential buildings, lightning rods and the tops of multi-story buildings magnetically induce a lot of electric charge. Because the lightning rod is pointed, the tip of the electrical conductor has been accumulating more charge. The lightning rod and this energized cloud create a power capacitor, because it is very sharp, the capacitor is small, it cannot hold that much charge, it is very easy to pass through the gas, creating a safe channel, and the charge is guided into the ground. Generally speaking, it is equivalent to installing a cable between the energized cloud and the lightning rod to lead the current to the ground to prevent the building from being struck by lightning. In other words, the lightning rod is not a building, but a lightning rod. Lightning rod is a name in the People's Republic of China GB50057-2010 National Industry Standard GB50057-2010 "Building Lightning Protection Design Code". But lightning rod is a name that more and more people know, so I use lightning rod to describe it. In fact, the application of lightning rods has long been gradual, and everyone defeated Tianwei with intelligence. The application of lightning protection equipment dates back to the Tang Dynasty. In "Center", there is such a record: in the Han Dynasty, a fire accident occurred in Bailiang Temple. A mage suggested placing a fish-shaped copper tile on the roof to avoid red flames caused by lightning strikes. The fish body set on the roof is actually used for lightning protection, and it can be regarded as the prototype of the lightning rod. An Wensi, a foreign friend who went to China, also wrote: In the corner, the corner on the corner of the small animal is inclined to the sky, and the roof shape is similar to an outdoor tent fixed on the spear sample. A strip of metal material protruded from the beast's tongue, and the other end was inserted into the field. That way, when lightning strikes a house or castle, it will be drawn to the strip of metal material by the dragon's tongue, and will immediately subside down to the ground to prevent damage to everyone. This thing is called Zhenlong, which is a lightning rod in ancient times. Zhenlong In the gossip industry, shocking trigrams are thunder, and the ancients also unanimously produced the logical thinking of Lei Conglong. Since then, in order to prevent buildings from being struck by lightning, the lightning protection equipment that ancestors must build and install is called Zhenlong. For example, at the top of some stone towers in China, a layer of ceramic film is often coated, and then the conductive raw materials are used to immediately connect to the underground tower column, and the tail end of the column is connected to the dragon hole where the metal material is stored. This produced a kind of primitive Zhenlong. Zhenlong In addition, the small tails standing on many stone towers and castles, the decorative design of small animal tiles on the roof, the so-called lightning columns and other lightning protection columns, all produce better electrical conductivity and safety with the dark design style of the earth. The passage has become a key component of the Zhenlong Clan. I don't know if everyone has heard the little story of the Thunderfire Hall. Temple of Thunder and Fire The little story begins with the Taoist resort of Wudang Mountain. Every stormy day, the golden hall at the top of Tianzhu Peak on the top of Wudang Mountain will be coiled by thunder, and the thunder and lightning will force thousands of fireballs to turn around the main hall. After the rain, it was as golden as it had been washed. The mages here feel that this is also the Heavenly Works Purification carried out by Heaven to better maintain the purity of the Golden Temple, and is then called the Thunderfire Temple. The Hall of Thunder Fire Refinement is a spectacular sight of natural lightning strikes, but it can also be said to be the result of the perfect ingenuity of the Chinese people in ancient China after mastering the lightning protection method. copper bell The Wudang Mountain in the core area of ​​North China is drawn out. Its peak is 1612 meters above sea level in Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province. It is very close to the clouds, and the surrounding mountains and rivers overlap. The climate at the peak is changing, and the wind frequency is abnormally disordered, so that the dawn is often rubbed with a lot of electric charges, which not only produces lightning strikes from time to time, but also is very beneficial to the explosion of rain cloud temperature lightning strikes. In the autumn of 1416, after the ancient Chinese craftsmen renovated the Golden Temple on Tianzhu Peak, in order to better match the importance of Taoism, they merged the three main halls into copper and electroplated gold, the wing corners were flying, and the roof was full of squatting. All kinds of rare birds and animals can be called the surprise of copper processing technology. Lightning rods on ancient buildings In other words, the golden hall at the top of Tianzhu Peak has become a great insulator according to the intricate air temperature and the cooperation of the metal materials on the whole body. Whenever a lot of electrified cumulonimbus clouds are transferred to the golden top, a large potential difference is established between the cloud and the top of the golden palace. Since the refractive index of the top of the golden palace is not very large, when the potential difference increases to a certain value, the gas will be hydrolyzed. Cause electric isolation, that is, lightning. Zhenlong In addition, the strong electric orphan caused the surrounding gas to swell and explode, and the electric orphan transformed into a large fireball, and a continuous rumbling sound was heard, which formed the spectacle of the Thunderfire Hall. The spine itself is relatively bent, and at a certain level, it plays the role of a lightning rod, and the Golden Temple is not easily distorted due to the excessive ability of the Thunder and Fire Refining Temple. In fact, whether it is today's lightning rod or ancient town dragon, the basic principle is the same. It is to introduce electric charge into the ground, but the expression is different, but frankly, Xiaobian was still surprised by the wisdom of the ancients, and gave a thumbs up manually.

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